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Cleaning & Repair Policy: We exercise utmost care in servicing and repair of items and use such processes which are best suited to the nature and conditions of each individual item. We cannot assume responsibility for inherent weaknesses, defects or aged materials which may result in tears or delamination of fabric that are not readily apparent prior to cleaning.


DWR application does not guarantee waterproof.  Stains may remain after laundering and/or if material becomes compromised. Construction, condition, age and weather all determine levels of water resistance and stain removal.

Items for repair must be in clean condition or are required for TEC to clean prior to repair work, additional cleaning costs will apply.  TEC will not work on dirty items as this may result in damage to our repair equipment.

Repairs may cost more than the original quoted price as we dive into the repair project.  TEC will contact customer immediately for an increase over $20 to authorize the additional cost prior to continuing the work.  Any repair increase less than $20 will be automatically applied and may not require TEC to contact customer for prior approval.  Additionally, TEC may also decrease the price of the repair if parts and labor are less than originally quoted.

Items repaired by TEC may void manufacturer warranty policies.  If you have concerns regarding potentially voiding the warranty of your item, please consult with the manufacturer prior to any work completed by TEC.

TEC liability regarding any damaged items shall not exceed the cleaning price of the item up to a maximum of ten (10) times our charge for cleaning that item regardless of brand or condition.

Any items unclaimed after (1) year of cleaning are subject to donation or cleaning cost recovery.

Thank you for your understanding, and reach out if you have any questions!

Shop Hours:

W/Th/Fr: 10a - 6p

Sat: 10a - 5p

Sun/Mon/Tues: CLOSED

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