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Do you have a hard-to-clean item like a ski jacket, a down-filled sleeping bag or home comforter? If you have stained your gear or you think it is worn out beyond repair, before you replace it come see us! We can remove tough stainsrestore water-repellency to Gore-Tex itemsclean and re-loft down-filled items, and repair damage in various forms. We also care for bulky equipment pieces like horse blankets, and covers (boat/car/motorcycle/snowmobile) that are next-to-impossible to ever properly wash at home.

When it comes to outdoor sports, we know the gear is expensive! Our repair services specialize in zipper replacements to backpack buckles and torn climbing shoes, even Velcro that's lost its grip...(just to name a few.)

Each year, millions of pounds of textile waste is sent to landfills. Our eco-friendly cleaning and repair services help reduce waste and restore usability to your investment for a fraction of the price of replacement.

Daniel started Technical Equipment Cleaners to repair outdoor gear after realizing how often he was repairing his own gear and how ineffective most DIY methods were for repairing and restoring gear. Some products, like re-waterproofing solutions, can be bought and used at home – but they don’t last very long, and they’re not always as effective as they should be. Daniel began to learn about gear repair, from the science behind waterproofing to the best ways to wash and restore migrating or dirty sleeping bag insulations. As a serious outdoor enthusiast himself, he knows how expensive outdoor gear can be and always wants to repair – not replace – whenever possible.

Everyone’s gear is different, with different stains, different amounts of use, and different problems – so there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to repairs or cleanings. That’s why every piece of clothing or gear receives custom servicing: a jacket may need multiple washings with hand-on stain treatment in-between, or a sleeping bag may need various types of stitching across its fabric to ensure it gets restored to its full insulated ability. Andrea and Daniel personally manage every repair to save you money, reduce waste, and most importantly, extend the life of your gear.

Technical Equipment Cleaners has 100% five-star reviews on Yelp.



Technical Equipment Cleaners is owned by Daniel and Andrea, two long-time Tahoe residents and even longer time outdoor enthusiasts who love to clean and repair outdoor clothing – reuse and recycle!

After moving to Lake Tahoe in the late ’90s, Daniel graduated with a degree in entrepreneurship and a desire to start a company based around his passions. After spending season after season learning to repair and re-waterproof his own outdoor gear, he started offering his service to friends and family. Eventually, he kicked his plan into high gear and opened TEC Tahoe in 2006 with a goal of serving outdoor athletes and maintaining the equipment needed for optimal performance in a variety of mountain sports.

Andrea is native to California and grew up exploring the wonders of Lake Tahoe – so she moved here to become a ski instructor as soon as she finished high school. Many years later, after a decade in professional event planning, she found a passion for helping people keep their gear tuned for the activities they love. She’s always happy to make recommendations on any kind of technical gear and advise on how to best repair outdoor clothing.

Sawyer is the latest addition to the TEC crew. At nearly two years old, she's often in the shop – but to be honest, she's not the best at doing repairs quite yet. 

Shop Hours:

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